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Holiday Gift Box #9: Campfire Cook

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So we ran some calculations for you guys and can confirm that gunpowder spice makes everything nice, yes even ice cream. Get a bottle of this essential spice along with everything else you need to cook some delicious outdoor feasts in our Campfire Cook gift box. 

This gift box includes:

  • Feast by Firelight: An excellent book of simple recipes for camping, cabins, and the great outdoors by friend of Alite, Emma Frisch.   
  • Gunpowder Spice: This spice is seriously our favorite we have three bottles in the office and we use it for a lot of things. Tastes even better on things while camping.
  • AceCamp Volcano Stove: This foldable camp stover is the perfect combination of stability and portability. It works with screw on gas canisters and has adjustable heat settings, making it super-easy to light and use.
  • Clover Cook: This is a 3-in-1 outdoor cooking tool that makes cooking in the outdoors simple and fun. The set includes a big spoon for stirring, a spatula for flipping, and a serrated edge for cutting. Attach the spoon and spatula to form tongs and watch the real magic unfold.
  • Opinel Origins Knife: The stainless steel blade is super sharp and durable for chopping up ingredients for a camp meal or carving up some roasting sticks for marshmallow hour. 


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