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Pine to the Pacific (Tomales Grey Waxed Brown)

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Constructed of weather-proofed wax canvas and offering a closed roll top closure that protects contents from the elements, the Pine to the Pacific rucksack is a versatile bag that can handle all weather conditions. In terms of design, the rucksack is a big brother to the Bike to the Beach Bag utilizing a similar, adjustable shoulder strap system that is self-tightening. However, the panels of the rucksack are taller, offering similar storage capacity with a slimmer look. 

But what's up with the name? Well, ask a San Francisco native for the quickest route out of downtown SF, and they will tell you to take "Pine to the Pacific!" They are referring to taking Pine Street towards the Pacific Ocean, and on a good day, it's the fastest route towards the coastline. Let's see... escape the city... head to the beach... maybe you can see where we're going with this!
  • sturdy, weather-proofed wax canvas
  • closed roll top closure
  • leather shoulder pads
  • foam backing insert for extra comfort
  • leather straps offer additional storage on exterior
  • interior pocket for extra storage
  • made in San Francisco

Volume: 25 liters
Material: waxed canvas and cowhide leather straps
Dimensions: 17" x 17" x 7.5"


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